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Lionsgate Saw PR Stunt

Lionsgate and The X Co challenged Wonderosity to create a touring PR stunt to promote the new Saw Live: Escape Experience in Tower Bridge. Billy and his followers were let loose around Central London, capturing the attention of passers by and causing quite the stir at popular landmarks such as London Bridge, Southbank and The Shard.

Using prosthetics and our talented makeup artists, we transformed an immersive actor into Billy as he stepped straight out of the well known Saw films and onto the streets of London with his Followers - a team of six actors in branded Saw Live: Escape Experience outfits.

Wonderosity created the concept, provided all talent including actors, make up artists, an immersive director and producers, lead on costuming and planned all logistics to ensure the stunt ran smoothly and achieved maximum coverage. The stunt was extremely well received, with the experience’s social handles being shared over 180 times throughout the day and a significant increase in the attraction’s ticket sales being recorded.

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