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The Office Group Immersive Events

Members of The Office Group were sent tumbling down the rabbit hole (literally) and immersed in the world of Bohemia in a series of office parties like no other.

The Office Group wanted to break the mould of the classic office party, so an immersive twist was thrown in to the usual proceedings. Guests were met by extravagantly costumed walkabout performers, sent crawling down rabbit holes designed by legendary East London artist Tony Hornecker and treated to gourmet gastronomy which featured White Rabbit Carrot Cake and The Queen of Hearts Tarts.

The second summer of members parties transported guests to the fictional island of Bohemia - a land of hedonism, self-expression and love. Fire performers and winged dancers kicked off the party, which also featured a folk band, palm readings and bespoke Bohemia cocktails.

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